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      Smart Tactical HF Antenna

Our antennas are designed for Tactical Emergency and Fast-Reaction situations





The iPortable antenna is a lightweight and rugged HF antenna that quickly tunes itself at a push of a button. Imagine a 5 band tuned antenna set-up in less then 5 minutes. Our Smart antennas are sutable for Ground-to-Air or Ground-to-Ground communications over 13.5MHz to 32MHz HF frequency range with band preset of 10M, 12M, 15M, 17M, and 20M







   tTechnical Details


  •     Frequency range 13.5MHz to 32MHz with preset bands 10M, 12M,     15M, 17M, and 20M
  •     Our Smart HF antenna is tuned using our iPX30 Antenna Analyzer     (HF radio NOT needed) for a precise measure tune reading.  
  •     Stored memory band setting
  •     Antenna power rating is .1 to 100 watts 40 watts digital
  •     No extra data or power cables needed. All communications and power     though single coax up to 500 ft
  •     Total DC power requirement 9V battery or 6-14VDC in Antenna     analyzer/controller.
  •     No battery in antenna
  •     Latching relays used so antenna is locked to frequency when power is     removed.
  •     Antenna tuning to SWR 1:4.1 or better and inpedance near 50 ohms
  •     Carbon Fiber elements are exceptionall strong and ultra light weight.
  •     Shock-corded elements for easy and repeatable assembly.
  •     Data/Power LED indicator on antenna.
  •     Best of all antenna analyzer/controller can be used as a fully     functional stand alone     HF antenna analyzer 160M to 10M (400kHz     to 32MHz 

Package includes  


  •    16 1/2ft Horizontal Dipole with Autotuner mounted at feed.
  •     iPX30 Field Antenna SWR Analyzer/ Antenna Controller
  •     25FT of RG58 coax with BNC connectors and built-in 1:1 Balun
  •    10FT  Tripod  Aluminum 3 setion
  •    42" Gear bag for complete system also antenna cover bag and iPX30    case



Smart Tactical Antenna Brochure.pdf  



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